General introduction

TDH-SENSOR with double hall sensor in the housing, detect the cycling of the bike. It can modify software parameters with the software and hardware equipment of our company, to qualify for different installation direction; different pulse signal, and the setting and usage of different electric level. There are 12 magnets in the disc. TDH-SENSOR will be higher precision than the TDH-SENSOR with 5 magnets and the range sensor, will be farther than the TDH-SENSOR with 12 magnets, and the maximum value is 6.0mm.

In the sensitivity, TDH-SENSOR is 2-3 times than SH-SENSOR, and no error action. When the pedals go ahead, the sensor will output the pulse signal, LED flash. When the pedals go backward, the LED in the low potential (There is no pulse signal), so the LED won’flash. Convenience of detect the sensor work well or not by customers.

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)


TDH-SENSOR is installed in the e-bike’s axis, the length of axis is 15.5mm.

The installation process is below:

1, remove he crankset

Installation of TDH-sensor

2, install TDH-SENSOR

Installation of TDH-sensor1

3, install the disk

Installation of TDH-sensor2

4, The final photo

Installation of TDH-sensor3

The program interface

Installation of TDH-sensor4