T246-24 SENSOR

General introduction

T246-24 hall sensor is adapted to e-bike, which output 24 pulse signal a cycle. It can be classified installation in left and installation in right, which is different from installation procedure, but is the same in function, and is used to test the power signal. T246-24 built-in 4 magnetic disk. Its integrated design is not only pretty in appearance but can be installed easily relative  to  the separated form between the traditional disk and senor. T246-24 with its novel design, cleverly implements the internal disks and magnetic sensing elements with concentric movement, which made the power signal, is more stable. When the pedals go ahead, the sensor will output the pulse signal, LED flash. When the pedals go backward, the LED  in the low potential (There is no pulse signal), so the LED won’flash. Convenience of detect the sensor work well or not by customers.

Technical Parameter

Rated Voltage: 4.5-6V (DC)
Rated Voltage: 4.5-6V (DC)
Current with brake: <6mA
Output of pulse number a cycle: 24
Lead tension: >20N
Corresponding time when brake: <0.001S
Hall electrical life: >20M times
Insulation dry condition: >20M ohm
Insulation wet condition: >2M ohm

 introduction of lcd K5S

introduction of lcd K5S

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)


Installation Device T246-24 is designed to be installed in the left. When installation, it is only need to remove the left crank, and install the sensor on the axis of bike ,then fixed with the special screw ,finally , re-install the crank in the original place.



In addition, to meet the demand for bike’s appearance preferably, users can choose different line board according to different bike model, and fixed the lead to the lead plate ,finally fixed it in the axis of bicycle.