General introduction

The speed sensor is usually connected to the controller but not to the display. The controller MCU, will process the signal and figure out the speed, and transmit the value to the display. In this way can reduce a cable on the handlebar.

The effective sense distance of the speed sensor is 6 mm to magnet. Install the speed sensor by ribbon tapes.

The signal is measured by non-contact. The hall IC is sealed in the housing by glue. It can be assured use.

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)

Function summary

Speed sensor is the external sensor which can detect the speed of E-bike.
Built-in Hall IC can be fixed beside the front fork or rear fork. The magnetic head is fixed on the spoke. When the wheels are running, when the magnetic head passes the speed sensor, the speed sensors will sense the magnet and send an electronic pulse signals to the controller, thus the controller can calculate the running time and the speed.


Fix the speed sensor beside the front fork or rear fork. To get a high sensitivity the magnetic head must be faced to the cross mark.

Installation of Speed sensor