General introduction

NOKEE is mainly made of aluminum alloy and toughened   glass. The black shell of display is stain-proof; and its using temperature range is from -40℃ to 80℃ .
Metallic shell, hraden glass surface
6mm thickness, negative segments LCD display
N3 button, smaller KM4 connector


Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)

Function summary

NOKEE provides you with a number of functions and indications to satisfy your demands for riding. The indications on NOKEE include:

◆Battery indication;
◆Speed indication (including indicators for real time speed, max speed and average speed);
◆Miles indication (including indicators for single-trip miles and total miles);
◆Indication of push cruise;
◆A number of settable parameters, such as wheel diameter, speed limit, setting of battery and a number of PAS levels.