General introduction

L-Sensor is our patent product, designed and developed by King-meter electric co., ltd. It is a kind of speed sensor. The Sensing distance is more than 27 mm , and can be used on electric bicycle and electric motorcycle. Hall electron component is built-in L-Sensor, fixed on E-bike rear fork or inclined fork , and install the magnetic steel on spoke of E bike. Every time when the magnetic steel is passing while wheel is running,the hall sensor inside L-sensor will output one pulse signal. After receiving the signal, controller will calculate the time of one cycle, then calculate the real speed according to time and wheel size.
L-Sensor is adapt for E bike, It can be assembled on the rear fork or inclined fork. The magnetic Steel should be assembled on the Spoke, the size of slotting is 3.2 MM, is suitable for spoke(≤3.0 MM),and magnetic steel must be alignment to the cross marking of L-sensor in order to improve sensitivity。 The effective sensing distance of L-Sensor is 27 MM. You can fix the sensor by rivet and screw fixation, as you can see Photo No. 4. You can also fixed by ribbon, as you can see Photo No.5. Our end user will choose according to their own decision.

LONG-SENSOR is a speed sensor

Center motor dedicated design
No need adjust the gap from sensor and magnet head
LED indicator, 2.8mm diameter cable can made of water-proof connector
Effective distance 30mm,easy fix beside front fork or frame, more information please download SPC.

The Casing Material of L-sensor is PC, it’s  oxidation stability and corrosion. resistance is very good.

 introduction of lcd K5S

introduction of lcd K5S

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)


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