General introduction

JT406LED series display is suitable for E-BIKE,and the upgraded version of the 790series.

3 button, with constant speed controller inside
1, The button of ON/OFF will control the power supply of the controller for the E-Bike .When the status is ON, the display will supply the current of 0-300mA for the controller. When the status is OFF, the total current will be less than 1uA.

2, The button of + or – will switchover the maximum PWM value of the output of the controller , to change the speed. The power ranges from level 1 to level 3. Level 1 is the minimum power. Level 3 is the maximum power. The default value is level 2.

3, The LED will indicate the current voltage . It will keep on 3s to check the current voltage, to avoid the LED flashing. When lack of voltage, the minimum power indicator will flash at 1Hz. But the controller will not be power off.

4,  Be in conformity with ROHS , CE Report . 5、 Waterproof meets IP65 protection standards level.

Dimensions of the product (mm)