General introduction

J—LCD products are made of black PC material. Under the temperature of -20 to 60℃, the shell material can ensure normal usage and good mechanical performance of the products.

Voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V
Battery: LiMnO, DMLPF, Ternary compound.
Function: Power on/off, Speed, Max speed, Average speed, Timer, PAS level, Error code, Battery capacity, Motor current .
Characteristic: ZERO current when power off e-bike system,
Protection: Output short-cut, Power reverse connected .
Certificate: CE, RoHS, IPX5


 introduction of lcd K5S

introduction of lcd K5S

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)

Function summary

Local time setting
Top riding speed setting
Metricsystem/English system setting (MPH and Km/H,Mile and Km)
Wheelsize setting (18—28inch)