General introduction

DH-SENSOR with double halls in the housing can detect the cycling of the bike. It can be installed on both sides of the E-bike, the program is different, the function is same, so please inform us which side you will install on when you order. Compared with SH-SENSOR, DH-SENSOR equipped with 12 magnets offers higher accuracy and further detection distance which can reach 6 mm. The detection distance of SH-SENSOR equipped with 5 magnets is only 3 mm. DH-SENSOR can distinguish the direction of pedals.
In the sensitivity, DH-SENSOR is 2-3 times than SH-SENSOR, and no error action. When go ahead, the sensor outputs pulse signal and the indicator light will flash correspondingly. When pedal go back, the sensor will only output low potential, thus there is no pulse signal, the indicator light doesn’t work. It’s convenient of detecting the sensor works well or not by the customer
In order to correctly manufacturing the product for customers, please give us the information when you place the order: · The length of the cable can be customized. · Installation location for the DH-SENSOR, one is the side of the chain wheel, another is the side of the crank shaft. · It is the standard for the connector, one type is Black Male SM3A for the side of the chain wheel, another type is white Male SM3A for the side of the crank shaft.(The connect also can be customized.) · It is the wire sequence for the connector that Red wire means +5V, Black or Yellow wire means GND, Blue wire means Pulse Signal.

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)