General introduction

The Bluetti is made of PC and toughened glass. The black shell of display is stain-proof, and its using temperature range is from -40℃ to 80℃.

Customize Dot-Metrix LCD display, Bluetooth no cable
Change battery easily, Standard battery lifetime over 8 months
Bluetooth button battery inside (CR2032, easy change)
Harden glass surface

Dimensions of the product (Unit:mm)

Function summary

The Bluetti provides various functions and indications for your riding, covering following indications:
◆ PAS level indication
◆ Speed (real-time speed, max speed and average speed)
◆ Distance (Trip distanceor odo distance)
◆ Headlights switch on/off
◆ Light-sensitive sensor
◆ BTH connection display
◆ Battery capacity indication of display
◆ BTH battery low warning
◆ Battery capacity display of e-biker
◆ Error code indication
◆ Various parameter settings(Backlight 、Wheel size、
Speed limited、Unit、Password、About display etc.)